Studio B Photography

Welcome to our Website! 

My name is Bobbi Smith and I became a professional photographer in 1984.

Working as a Studio Manager then as a District Manager in the number one portrait studio company of that time. 

After having my son call his babysitter "mom",  I left my middle-management position and finally realized that I needed  to start my own business. 

No more "no you can't do that, not company policy".

My goal is to not only WOW you but anyone that sees your images!  I am always looking for new concepts.

We have the newest in photography called Virtual Backgrounds.

It allows me to photograph any site, and make it into your specialized background.

The sky is the limit!!  If we can see it, we can make it your background!

When you look at my galleries; check out the Virtual Backgrounds-they are just some of my backgrounds avalilable-

I love what I do, and feel that it shows in my work.  I have a passion and ask only that you give me a chance to WOW you too!

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Don't hesitate to contact me at (740) 441-5965 or (740) 772-1942

Thanks so much!